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Whats this all about....?
Its early 2019, I am still trying to track down a BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth made in 2008. It is a quest which comes and goes. Its gone on for years.

I thought I had got it, a guy in Las Vegas who had a guitar shop for years was sellling one in the original hard case. He had never even played it! Sadly the deal fell though. It was just too damned expensive and the import charges stopped that one. The search then continued. The usual Chinese "well you'd wonder guitars" on ebay.

There is always a catch, a modification I can't handle, a damaged head stock.... etc.... etc... are delorean time machines not real?

Then there is that withdrawn posting on adverts in Ireland. Removed since the dawn of time: BC Rich USA Custom Shop Handcrafted Stealth Chuck Schuldiner. You just know this guy went to Australia and never came back!

F@%k you reverb nation! BC Rich Stealth Chuck Schuldiner

Ah we can just read about it.

Both the and sites are long down! wtf! thats a tragedy and no BC Rich at NAMM. What is wrong with this world! Right I will put these two sites back up. Damn you time and relevance! this is not for the history books just yet. Sites sorted! Quick email to BC Rich can you build me a Stealth. No answer! Radio silence, rumours abound! BC Rich are gone, game over!

May 1st 2019 a guy in LA is selling a Stealth on Ebay. Target acquired! After a bit of dancing! on May 13th 2019 my BC Rich Chuck Schuldiner Tribute Stealth arrived! Yes you eagle eye'd Death fans the date is correct!

BC Rich are show casing new guitars on their facebook page!!!
BC Rich Facebook